Me? A Soccer Mom?!

00408899_000005_0008Soccer… not really a sport about which I know anything. I have always somewhat considered myself a bit more of a football buff. That is until this year! Our little town is a soccer town. So, if you live here and have kids, there is a pretty good chance you will find yourself frequenting our local soccer fields. I remember the first time I arrived at the soccer park. I was expecting just a couple of fields and a couple of teams. To my overwhelming surprise, there was a huge flat grassy area filled with soccer fields of all sizes, as well as just about everyone I have ever met that has kids! There were people and cars everywhere- a bit of an impromptu high school reunion! As I tried 00408899_000002_0088to find anywhere to park and got my exercise hiking across the numerous fields to where my kiddos needed to be, I realized I was in for an experience. I have spent the season chauffeuring kids the 15 minutes each way to and from practices and games, thinking that I may want to just go ahead and build our family a small cabin there and just move in for the season. We have been in 90 degree weather and pouring down rain, not to mention the days we got all the way there to have the game postponed due to lightening. I have jumped, and yelled, and cheered until I was hoarse. I have been proud beyond belief at my kids’ desire to put the in effort to learn something new and to be such great sports. So I will have to say, as my 1st year as a soccer mom comes to a close, I still love football, but Soccer Rocks! ( I do believe we will be doing this again next year!!)


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