How Do You Display Your Kids’ School Pictures?

School Picture Day…That event in school that students either seem to love or dread!! They are the pictures that we look back on to see how our children (or we) have changed from year to year. We can see when we got braces and when they were removed. Or see what crazy haircut we sported in 5th grade and “What in the world was I thinking when I got dressed that morning?!?!”. I remember my picture in 3rd grade when my “big teeth” had come in with a large gap right between my two front teeth and it was “in” to sport crazy, big bangs. As much as I dread pulling out that particular picture, it brings back memories of my childhood. It is fun to see how I changed, but even more fun to see how my kids change! So my question to you is- How Do You Display Your Kids’ school pictures???


My husband’s grandmother kept a wall in her office where she displayed every picture from all 7 grandkids from every school year! My in-laws have done the same on a wall in there basement with their 5 grandkids!


My sister-in-law found a frame with 13 openings for K-12 that she purchased for all 4 people in her family.

12-2978 Fall Flyer timeline copy

Myhusband decided to put his pictures on one of our flyers!!

Please share creative displays of your kiddos school pictures!!  I can’t wait to see your awesome ideas!


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