Fun, Easy Picture Frames

Here is an easy, fun, and inexpensive picture frame craft!

Items needed:

  • Acrylic picture frames (Dollar and discount stores have varying sizes for $1 each)
  • Piece of paper slightly smaller than the frame
  • Scotch tape
  • Craft Glue
  • Damp and dry paper towels or rags for clean up
  • Small container of water (for cleaning paint brushes, if you choose to do this)
  • Miscellaneous and left over crafting items: ribbon, google eyes, Halloween foam stickers, glitter, paint & paint brushes, glitter glue, sequins, buttons, acrylic gems, feathers, etc.

This craft is an awesome way to let the kids explore their creative sides!

1. Start by taping a small piece of paper in the center of each frame being decorated, leaving about a 1.5 inch boarder to be decorated.  This will help keep the entire frame from being decorated so that you can still see the picture in the frame. I did not do this the first time and found myself trying to clean off glitter glue and paint from the center of the frame.   (Please note that some of the acrylic frames have a protective coating on them. This will need to be removed before applying the paper.)

Easy Picture Frame Project 006

2.  Let the creativity begin!

IMG_0253IMG_0252 IMG_0257IMG_0246

3.  When everyone has created to their hearts content, lay the frames flat so that they can dry and no artwork runs down the frame.  After they dry stick an awesome picture in the frame and enjoy!!


Here are a few samples of our fun frames!

Google Eyes Galore!

Google Eyes Galore!

Ribbon and gems

Ribbon and gems

Paint, gems, stickers and more!!

Paint, gems, stickers and more!!

Have fun!!


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