Mom Friends, I am Thankful for You

Hey Ladies,

I have seen on Facebook for the last couple of years that from November 1 through Thanksgiving day people are positing one thing per day for which they are thankful.  Seeing these posts inspired me to start my own Thankful List.  While the list is quite long, one group of people has been on my mind lately.  I am so very thankful for my mom friends.  It is the awesome group of women that we can count on to talk about all things “Mom”. They are the ones that “get it” when we discuss crazy new challenges that our kids may be presenting.  They are the ones that you can call on short notice to watch your kids for just a few more minutes at dance class because you got stuck at Wal-Mart.  They are the ones you can lean on to reassure you that it really was no big deal when your 6 year old had an “accident” in the middle of basketball practice. These are friends who will stand by your side, offering to help in any way needed, when your new baby has arrived.  As moms, we go through a lot together.  We sit on the sidelines cheering, chat in the dance studio waiting room, and  work school parties all together. We see each other through some of the most important times of our lives- through big and seemingly insignificant moments.  These moments, though, are all part of raising of our precious little gifts.  This network of ladies who are always there to lend an ear or lend a hand play such an important role in this job with which we have been rewarded of being a mom.  So, to all you mom friends, thanks for being there!


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