Why Moms Need a Night Away

Hey Ladies-

Recently, I was talked into going away for the night with a group of women.  Not just any women, but my Mother-In-Law, Sister-In-Laws, and my husband’s aunt and cousins.  Some may be concerned about a trip away with all of the women in their spouse’s family, especially if you are the only one related by marriage.  I will admit, just the thought of going away for the night in general put a knot in my stomach.  As far as going with the in-laws, I am extremely blessed to have married into an awesome family, so that wasn’t a huge concern!  This as it may be, I still was coming up with reasons why I could not go right up until the night before: one daughter had a birthday party to attend, my two younger kids had Christmas play practice at church, the contents of our house could explode all over the floors without my watchful eye, etc.  Not wanting to let anyone down, I sucked it up, apologized for being a high maintenance traveler and climbed into the car.  I promised myself I wouldn’t worry as I remembered my husband’s words to “Just go have fun and enjoy myself.”

I am so thankful that I put on my big girl pants and stepped out into the world!  I had such an awesome time!  Yes, we had a little retail therapy, but the best part was the company and conversations.  The learning more about each other and the frequent belly busting laughter.  Not just bonding with my immediate in-laws, but also with the extended family.  The night away was a success and we have vowed to do it more frequently.  As for all of my concerns: the birthday party was a success, the Christmas play practice went without a hitch and as for the house, well, I came home to it being completely clean-even the dishes and toilets!

As much as I love my family and my role in it, I guess I needed a small break from the norm to just rest, relax and recharge.  I also learned that I can step away for a little while and the world will not come to an end!  Whew!! That’s a relief!

I do believe I will have to take a little night away more often!


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