Tradition of Photo Ornaments

Hey Ladies-

IMG_0439-001  On the day after Thanksgiving, like many families, we brushed the dust and cobwebs off of all things Christmas and drug it out of storage to the middle of my living room. My husband and kids put up the tree and then the real fun started. The tradition of hanging ornaments on the tree is something that my kids cherish.  IMG_0436-001Every year they get a new ornament or two that reflects their personality or interests from that year.  I write their name and year on each one so that they can look at and discuss them as we decorate.  Their favorite ornaments are those that  have pictures of them and our loved ones.  In watching their reactions, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have a new photo ornament of them each year?  That way IMG_0433-001they could lay them out and watch how they have changed year after year while we sip hot cocoa and decorate our tree full of love and tradition! Even better they will have these keepsakes to share with their children one day!  Kids love to see what their parents looked like when they were little!

If you would like to start a tradition of decorating your tree with yearly photo ornaments of your children, please visit and take advantage of a 50% savings with the coupon code: HOLIDAY50 .

Make sure to order by December 8, to receive ornaments by Christmas!

Fri, Dec 6

Merry Christmas!


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