Mother -N- Daughter Photo Journal Cover

Hey Ladies- This project comes with a little bit of a story, with all inspiration coming from my little girl.  A couple of weeks ago my daughter’s teacher approached me and said that she was struggling with her reading and they were going to have her meet with the reading specialist to help her.  Shortly thereafter, I ran into the reading specialist and she said that my daughter could read, but she was lacking confidence with this new concept and was afraid to make a mistake.  I arranged a meeting with some key individuals to devise a little plan to get my girl back on track.  (A little background info- I once read a book called “The Five Love Languages of Children” by  Gary Chapman Ph.D and Ross Campbell, M.D. and had my kids take the quiz to see what their primary love languages are.  This daughter’s primary love language is absolutely Quality Time, which I pretty much already knew.)  The group thought it was quite cute when I mentioned that my little girl reminds me to put notes in her lunchbox and if I forget, she writes a note to herself.  She just needs these little reminders of love. With all of this info, among other action steps, my daughter’s teacher recommended turning my kiddo’s daily journal into a Mother/Daughter Journal, in which we would write daily letters to each other.  This would help with her reading and writing by way of my connection with her and her need for frequent quality time with me.  I loved the idea!  It is helping us learn more about each other and is great for conversation starters!! To make it a little more special, I decided to personalize our journal with some fun pictures to surprise my girl.  This is how I did it

What you need:IMG_4327

  • Journal
  • Pictures- A school picture works great for the Daughter+Mommy=Love image
  • 2- 8×10 in adhesive Duck Tape sheets
  • Roll of .75 in Duck Tape in fun design
  • Scrapbook Paper for Photo Mattes
  • Scrapbook stickers and letters
  • Contact Paper
  • Photo glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

1. Cut the pictures in the shapes that  you want. Then create a matte behind each one that leaves about 1/8″ to 1/4″ border.  I more or less free-handed  these hearts. For some of them, I created a pattern with a piece of paper to keep the sides of each heart somewhat symmetrical.  When done set them aside.IMG_4333 2.  Open the journal and carefully place the adhesive side of one of the 8×10 Duck Tape Sheets on one side of the journal.  Start at the top and slowly remove the backing, as shown, making sure to  smooth out bubbles as you go.  Repeat with the other Duck Tape Sheet for the back of the journal.  For this step, be careful to allow for the journal to close.  I had to gently place the tape and close the journal before I pressed it down on the binding with each of the Duck Tape sheets.edited 2 3.  Use the .75″ roll of decorative Duck Tape to outline the edges and binding.  For the edges, let about 1/2 of the width of the tape hang over the edge to allow it to be folded over. For the binding, close the journal when adhering to make sure the journal will close.edited 3 4.  Fold the Duck Tape over on the inside of the journal.edited 4 5.  This is what the closed journal will look like with the edges done.edited 5 6.  Now is the really fun part!  Add your stickers and matted pictures with photo glue.  I love the academic reference with the “math equation” of Daughter + Mother = Love!!edited 6 7.  Complete by covering with contact paper to protect your creation.  Make sure to fold over one edge of the contact paper and then slowly remove the backing as you move across the back of the journal making sure to press out any air bubbles. When you get to the binding, close the book and continue across the remainder of the journal, folding over the front edge.  Then open the journal to see the inside of the cover.  Fold down the contact paper over the top and bottom edges just like you folded the Duck Tape.edited 7

8. Surprise your kiddo with something you can share together!  My sweetie loved the added touch!  Extra Hugs for Mommy!edited 9

Happy Crafting!


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