Wee Little Leprechaun Photo Craft

Hey Ladies-

My son and I were walking through the craft section of a store and he saw a bag full of PomPoms and Pipe cleaners that were to be used with clothes pins to make little critters.  He had to have it, so we made a lizard, ladybug, tiger, alligator and more.  He exclaimed “MOM!! I love these!!”.  With St. Patricks Day around the corner and my son as the inspiration, I decided to turn my kids into leprechauns with the same method we had been using for our animals and insects.

What you need: IMG_0078

  • Exchange Size (1.5″x2.25″) School Pictures
  • Newspaper
  • Black and Green Construction paper
  • Green Pipe cleaners (one for each project)
  • Orange Pipe cleaner (for girls hair- one will make 2 or more)
  • Orange Yarn (for the beard and mustache on boys)
  • Clothes Pins (one for each project)
  • Green Tempra Paint and Brush
  • Green PomPoms (two per project)
  • Gold Glitter Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Self-Adhesive Magnets
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  1. Paint the clothes pins green and let dry.IMG_0073
  2. Bend pipe cleaners as shown.  The orange is for the girls hair.  The middle green pieces are for the arms.  The green pipe cleaners on the right are for the legs.IMG_0083
  3. Cut the faces out of your pictures.IMG_0079
  4. Cut the props out of construction paper and add glitter glue as shown. Each leprechaun needs a hat, belt and pot of gold.IMG_0082
  5. Now you can start assembling.  Hot glue the face and two pompoms on each painted clothes pin.IMG_0080
  6. Finish assembly of the leprechauns with the hot glue gun by adding arms, legs, hair and facial hair (for the boys). My son insisted on the mustache!   Then add the hat, belt, and pot of gold.IMG_0085
  7. Add small magnet to the back of the clothes pin and place on refrigerator to hold fun Spring crafts.  My kiddos thought the leprechauns should be riding on a rainbow!!editedHappy St. Patty’s Day!!


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