Photo Bracelet for Mother’s Day!

Hey Ladies-

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so I used 1″ school photos to create a bracelet for my Mother-In-Law for the special day.  There are 5 grandkids on this side of the family and it turns out 5 is the perfect number to make this bracelet. You can play with different size bezels and jump rings, as well as fun printed images in extra bezels to fit your family. Altogether this craft takes only about 30 minutes and the jewelry pieces can be found at a craft store, on Amazon, or on

What you need:


  • 5- 1″ Bezels – I used Silver, but other colors are available.
  • 5- 25mm  round clear cabochons
  • 6- 4 mm jump rings – I started with 7mm jump rings, but changed to 4mm to make the bracelet smaller.
  • 2- 6 mm jump rings
  • 1- 7mmx12mm Lobster clasp
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Dimensional Mod Podge
  1. As shown in the supply list, you will need to cut circles around each face for the bracelet.  I held a round cabochon over the image and cut around it with my X-acto knife. You can also trace the cabochon with a pencil and cut out with scissors if you don’t have an X-acto and cutting mat on a cutting mat. After cutting out each image, place it in the bezel to make sure it fits well.  If any edges hang over, trim so that the image fits.

IMG_03662.  Apply a dot of Dimensional Mod Podge a little bigger than a pencil eraser to the flat side of the cabochon.


3.  Quickly so that the Mod Podge does not dry, press the image firmly to the back of the cabochon with Mod Podge, making sure to push out as many bubbles as possible.  Wipe off any excess Mod Podge that may squeeze out.


4. Place another eraser- sized dot of Dimensional Mod Podge in the middle of the bezel.


4.  Place the cabochon with the image on top of the ModPodge in the bezel, pressing firmly to push out as many bubbles as possible.  Wipe off any excess Mod Podge that may squeeze out.

5.  Repeat steps 1-4 for each image.


6.  Link the bezels with 4mm jump rings, adding a lobster clasp to one end and a few extra 6mm jump rings to the other end.

Happy Mother’s Day!




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