Keep Your Place This Summer with a Photo Bookmark

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Hey Ladies-

As our family begins the long awaited summer vacation, I am bound and determined to slow the summer academic regression that seems to happen when our schedules are taken over by ball games, cookouts, late nights, swimming pools, and fun in the sun.  These are all good…no, GREAT bonding activities that build fun memories.  However, I know that in our house, we have to be very careful not to get taken over by these times and forget that things such as books even exist.  As I have been working to form some kind of a loose structure, with a little routine for our summer, I want to make sure to include a healthy dish of reading fun with interesting books to read with my kids. While I enjoy books, I do not naturally gravitate towards reading, so this is a struggle for me.  To gain a little inspiration I visited our local library to find out what programs they have for summer vacation.  Then I decided to make an inspirational craft of my own to encourage some summer reading.  I made photo bookmarks for each of my kiddos and, for myself, a bookmark with a photo of each of them. This craft uses scraps from other projects, so the cost is virtually nothing. Also, the majority of the steps are decorating the bookmark in whatever style you like, so I did not do step by step photos for this craft. Things you need:

  • Exchange Size School Photo
  • A scrap of thick paper at least 2″ wide x 6″-8″ long
  • Contact paper
  • Ribbon, twine or yarn
  • Photo safe glue stick
  • Hole Punch
  • A variety of Sharpies, stickers, scrap paper, googly eyes, glitter, etc.
  1. Decorate your scrap of paper that is at least 2″ wide with your school photo or photos and whatever fun crafting items that strike your fancy.
  2. Cover with contact paper.
  3. Punch a hole in the center about 1/2″ from the top of the bookmark.
  4. Loop a short length of ribbon, twine, or yarn in the hole.

I used some fun sayings about reading on our bookmarks.  To see some of my favorites, check out the Reading Quotes Board on our Picture Perfect Mom Pinterest site by clicking on the picture above.

Have a happy summer and get lost in a good book!

Summer Smiles

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