Birthday Scrapbook Page Keepsake

Hey Ladies-

I love celebrating my kids’ birthdays.  We always have a theme, I make a cake and we invite our whole family to come to our home and celebrate with us.  One activity we do to remember each birthday is an autographed scrapbook page.  I plan the page to match the theme, leaving a 4×6 piece of paper as a placeholder. This is later replaced with a picture of my birthday kid at the celebration.  I lay the scrapbook page out with pens or Sharpies and have each guest sign it.  This is a fun way to remember how we celebrated each birthday, who was able to be there, and to watch how the kids’ handwriting changes from year to year.

This year my daughter chose to have a camping themed party, complete with an extremely messy s’more cake, and red, orange and yellow painted fingernails and toe nails to replicate a campfire.  Here is what our scrapbook page looked like on her big day:

Alice Scrapbook page edited

Here it is, all autographed with a fun picture of the birthday celebration!

Alice Cake edited

We look forward to having these simple pages to remember the day for years to come!

Happy Crafting!!!

Summer Smiles

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