Tradition of Sports Photography


Hey Ladies-

My children are all of an age where they are trying just about every type of extra curricular activity available. We00408899_000002_0088 have frequent discussions that while we love they are open to try new things, eventually, they will have to make the choice of a favorite or two in which they would Scan0012really like to grow.

But in the meantime, with the current variety of events between 3 children, we are growing quite a collection of sports pictures. Like school 00530764_000001_0125 copyportraits, it is fun watching how my kids grow through their sports and activity
pictures, and being able to look back to Scan0010see where their interests have taken them year to year.

And, of course, the kids always love seeing what Mom and Dad were up to at Alice Bordertheir ages!!!  With a little bit of hesitation on showing my childhood basketball photo…here is a little sampling of then and now as a contribution to Throwback Thursday and a tribute to the Tradition of Sports Portraits.




Have an awesome day!

Summer Smiles



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