What to Expect on Picture Day

Hey Ladies-

Some kiddos are old pros at taking school pictures, but others especially the younger set, may have a few reservations. To help calm your child’s nerves so that they can take their best school picture, here is a run down of what they can expect.

  1. Their teacher will line up the class and bring them to the Picture Day set up area, usually a gym or unused hallway.
  2. There will be large backgrounds (they look like big sheets hanging on poles), big bright lights and cameras sitting on tripods.
  3. Also, there will be photographers waiting there with a smile to greet them.
  4. The photographer will seat them on a stool facing the camera, and will help guide them to get into the proper position.
  5. Tell your child to remember to sit up straight and smile naturally, as if they were happy to see you!
  6. The photographer will take the picture, and the bright lights will flash.
  7. After reviewing the picture on their laptop, the photographer will excuse the child to their teacher.

Hopefully, this will help relieve a few fears about picture day to make it an enjoyable event for your child!

fall photo_websized (1)

Have an awesome day!

Smiles Back to School

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