Upcycled Cheerio box into Treasured Paper File

Hey Ladies-

All of my children love any kind of art, but seem to color and draw the most.  They draw pictures for themselves, but also love to draw pictures for each other.  My little guy accumulated quite a collection of masterpieces from himself and his sisters, so I told him I would come up with something special to keep them safe.  I decided upcyling a Family Size Cheerio box and using duct tape in the colors of his favorite college team- MU Tigers!- would do the trick.  I added some pictures of him doing his other non-art activities to personalize it for him.  This only took about 30 minutes and he was thrilled to have a special place for his artwork and keepsakes!


What you need:

  • School and activity pictures
  • Family Size Cheerio box
  • Duct Tape (fun colors)
  • Scissors
  • Brad
  • Thick rubber band
  • Sharpie
  • Hole Punch


1.  Cut the top off of the Cheerio box and along one fold.  I left the bottom on, but folded it out to allow for the file to hold legal size paper.

2.  Place duct tape on the inside and outside of the top flap.


3.  Line the inside of the box with duct tape.IMG_0016

4.  Tape your pictures where you would like them to be placed.


5.  Place a strip of tape all the way around the top of the box, holding it open so that there will be an area on either side where the tape will not be on a part of the box.  This will allow for the file to be able to expand or collapse depending on the amount of paper in it.  Then place tape on the inside of the open area (the white area is the sticky side of tape).  On the outside of the file, tape down the side, across the bottom and up the other side so the edges will all be covered.


6.  Tape the front and back and add some personal touches.  I let my son loose with the Sharpie on the back, while I did the front .  Place a brad about 2 inches up from the bottom of the file.


7.  Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the flap about an inch up from the bottom.  Loop the rubber band in the hole and then around the brad to secure the flap.

My little man was so excited to have his personalized file for all of his special papers!  I was excited to have it all in one place and not all over his room!! Enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

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