Saving School Pictures- Idea #2: Various Album Ideas

Hey Ladies!

Wow!  What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been!  Between the end of school, dance recital, baseball, dances, holidays, etc., I stepped away from my list of storage and display ideas for school pictures.  I am dedicating the next several posts to summing up the ideas I have collected thus far!

While perusing through our local Big Box store I came upon some new album ideas that I didn’t know existed!  They gave me some great thoughts when it came to organizing extra pictures, as well as pictures from past years, in a way that is easily accessible.

1. This album is designed to store 1-5×7 and 1-4×6 or 3-4×6’s per page.  I used it to display a 5×7 from past years and the coordinating smaller pictures that we didn’t end up handing out. This makes it really easy to grab the extra wallet to use for a fun craft!

2. If you would like a smaller option, this album is designed for 1-5×7 or 2-4×6’s per page.  I used it to hold the 5×7’s from past years, and slid any remaining pictures behind the larger image.3. This album option, is the same 8×10 album that my mom used for our pictures when I was a kid. It has the repositionable adhesive to adhere the prints and a plastic cover.   This is great to display any photos up to the 8×10 size.  If you have yearly 8×10’s or activity ProMates (displayed below), this is a great option!IMG_0017

4.  Finally, I did not purchase one, but Amazon sells pocket albums that will hold 2-5×7’s or 1-8×10 per page.  This would be another great option for easy access to larger prints!

Happy organizing!

Summer Smiles


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