Neon Picture Frame

Hey Ladies-

My niece just turned 7 and had a neon cake that am sure would have looked awesome in black light!  To honor her special day and theme of choice, I created a frame in the bright, fun motif she loves!

Edited 1

What you need:

4×6 Picture Frame

Small  Wooden Letters

2 Neon Colors Spray Paint

Glitter Spray (optional)

Embellishments (optional)


1.  Spray paint the frame one color, and the letters a second color. Let Dry.


2.  Add embellishments. (I used flat embellishments, and added them before the glitter as I was afraid they wouldn’t stick to the texture of the glitter spray.  If you are using more 3-D embellishments, you will need to spray on glitter first.)


3.  Spray the glitter on the frame and/or the letters if you  choose this option. Wipe glitter spray off of embellishments.


4.  Hot glue the letters to the frame and add a fun Cousin picture.

Happy Crafting!

Summer Smiles



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