Inter-State Studio Gives Back

Hey Ladies-
Wow, how time has flown this summer!  We are at the beginning of August and the supposedly “lazy days of summer” are more than half-way gone!  Here, at Inter-State, we just wrapped up our summer sales meetings, and are gearing up for the next Fall season already.  As our company met, not only in preparation for the next year, we also celebrated the amazing things the employees did last season. While in a state of reflection, I started thinking about the fun ways we not only recognized our employees, but also how we recognized our customers and supported causes that have meaning to you!
 legacylogoOur Yearbook Legacy Contest was created to recognize the achievements of yearbook advisers and their staff, as well as their commitment to creatively documenting the events of the school year.  The prizes for this contest range from $150- $500.  It is given to the winners’ yearbook programs to foster learning about the various useful skills learned in designing and publishing yearbooks, as well as purchasing the programs and equipment used to build yearbooks.  The deadline for the 2014-2015 Yearbook Legacy Contest is September 11, 2015, so click on the link above and get your book entered!
 Spreading Smiles was created to support schools in their efforts to promote service learning in an academic setting.  The prizes for this contest are service learning grants that range from $250-$750.  The details for this the 2015-2016 contest will be out mid-fall, so check back and see how you can enter to win!
 TOY Banner Ad
Teacher of the Year gives parents and students a chance to nominate that special teacher that has gone the extra mile to educate and support their students.  What teacher couldn’t use a $100-$300 classroom grant as a thank you, and to aid in their role of being an awesome educator! The information on the 2015-2016 contest will be out at the beginning of the new year, so be keeping a look out for a teacher that stands out to you!
Smile of the Year is a contest just for students.  The prizes vary each year, but the Grand Prize is a $1,000 scholarship! The details for Smile of the Year come out next month!  Be ready enter your kids for these fun prizes, when they bring home their school pics with sparkling smiles!
Style for a Cause
Styles for a Cause is a program that gives a portion of the proceeds from purchasing cause-specific portrait styles back to the partner-cause groups. Click on the link and check out the offerings for the upcoming school year.
Now, don’t be shy, send in those entries and help us to help support you!
Get ready for an amazing 2015-2016 school year!!
Smiles Back to School

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