Happy New School Year









Hey Ladies!

Happy New School Year to ya!  What a crazy, fun summer it was, filled with camps, ball games, bible schools, and tons of friend and family time!! But now it is that time to get into a bit of a routine with schedules, early mornings, and homework.  Not all bad, as the lack of routine was starting to do a number on me.  Hey, and maybe I will be able to get my house clean and keep it that way for an entire afternoon!  Wow! Wouldn’t that be awesome!  As you break into this new season, smell the soon-to-come crisp air, the comfort of sweaters and jeans, and the vibrant colors as the landscape changes in the cool weather.  And know that with all of these Fall happenings, school pictures will be just around the corner.  Follow this blog to get tips on how to survive school picture day, what to wear (and what not to wear), happenings with your school picture company- Inter-State Studio- and fun projects with pictures!  Have an amazing beginning to a new year of learning!!


Smiles Back to School

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