Bats from a Child’s Point of View!

Hey Ladies-

My 11 year old daughter watches me craft and play with pictures all of the time. She has loved to do any kind of art and decorate for every occasion from the moment she could hold a crayon!  She came to me recently and said she had an idea for some bats to decorate our walls, so here it is!


Here is what you need:

  • Exchange Size School Picture
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s glue
  • White Pencil


  1. Turn the paper horizontal and fold in half, creasing at the midway point.

IMG_0196 2. Draw half of a bat, with the center of the body being over the crease.  Make sure to give him pointy ears!

IMG_01973. Keeping your paper folded, cut out your bat.

4.  Cut the face out of the Exchange size School Picture.

5.  Glue the faces to the bats and secure to the wall.

Enjoy your batty kid craft!

Happy Halloween!!

Smiles Halloween




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