Personalized Glowing Pumpkin Lanterns

Hey Ladies-

Here is a fun little harvest decoration to light up your Fall table decor!


What you need:

  • Exchange size photos
  • Mason jar that has a flat side (no brand name written in the glass)
  • Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Glitter or Black Puff Paint
  • Sharpie or Oil Based Marker
  • Green Ribbon
  • Green Fabric (I liked the shimmery style)
  • Scissors
  • Corner Rounder Punch
  • Tea light for each mason jar
  • Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)

IMG_02031.  Pour orange paint inside of the mason jars.  Swirl it around until all size are covered and pour the remainder back inside the bottle.


2.  Cut out the Exchange Pictures into squares and trim corners with the corner rounder.IMG_0209

3.  Hot glue the pictures to the mason jars and puff paint around the edges.  Once these two painting elements are done, let them dry over night.  If the paint on the inside of the jar is a little on the thicker side or pooling a lot on the bottom, turn the jar upside down to let it dry.


4.  If your fabric is thin fold it in half to have multiple layers. If it is thicker, you can use one layer.  Cut the fabric into squares to cover the top of the jar lid.  Size will vary depending on the type of jar you selected.IMG_0372

5.  Hot glue fabric on the top of the jar and finish off with green ribbon.IMG_0214

6. After the paint dries, draw lines on the side of jar for the pumpkin grooves and place the lit tea lights inside.


7.  Screw the lid on the jar and enjoy your personalized lighted pumpkin jars.


Happy Fall!!

Smiles Halloween

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