Veteran’s Day from the Mouths of Babes

Flag cropped and bordered

Coming from a family that has several veterans who have fought for our safety and freedom, Veteran’s Day holds a special place in my soul.  It is a day that I reflect on the courage and sacrifice that these men and women have made to serve our country. However, this year, instead of hearing what I have to say, I decided to see what kids think when they hear the word “veteran” because sometimes the words that come from the precious innocence of a child say it best.

  • “Thankful!” – Emma, age 8
  • “Hero!”- Hayleigh, age 11
  • “They are really helpful and they saved our world!” – Aric, age 7
  • “I think of someone who is brave.” -Lily, age 11
  • “I think of freedom.”-John, age 8
  • “Veterans sacrificed their lives for ours.” -Bryson, age 8
  • “Veterans served our country.”-Boston, age 11

Veterans- Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.  Please know your service is so very deeply appreciated and you have not been forgotten.

God Bless,



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