Photo Clings and Glass Block Decor

Hey Ladies-  I have been playing around with fun ways to use our new Clings- wallet size photos with a repositionable adhesive on the back.  I will have to say I am loving them!  here is an amazingly easy and attractive craft for which the clings are just perfect!

What you need:

  • Photo Clings
  • Fillable Glass Block (These are in craft stores, but also in some big box hardware stores as a seasonable item.)
  • Spool of Wide Ribbon
  • Small glitter colored foam balls or small ornaments
  • Scissors


  1.  Make sure your glass block is clean and position you clings on the front of it.IMG_4564
  2. Fill the glass block with the ornaments or glittered balls and put the cap that comes with the block in place.IMG_4604
  3. Tie your ribbon around the block.  To get this look, I tied two consecutive bows which gave me 4 loops.

Happy crafting!



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