Lighted Photo Cling Vase

Hey Ladies-

Using the Photo Clings again, I was able to create this cute little tea light holder that incorporated well into my table centerpiece.  It goes great with my Christmas Decor and will work great  for New Year’s too!

What you need:

  • Photo clings
  • Small Square Vase
  • Glass Rocks or Colored Sand
  • Ribbon
  • Tea Light


1. Stick your photo clings to your vase.  No worries!  Just peel and stick. They are repositionable you can move them around to get the look you want.


2.  Put glass rocks or colored sand in the vase.  I started with green rocks and then ended up using clear ones when I put my centerpiece together.IMG_4559 3.  Tie a shimmery ribbon around the vase.IMG_4561

4.  Situate your tea light in the top layer of rocks or sand.  This quick and easy little photo craft is fun by itself, but works great in a display!

Happy crafting!!



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