What To Wear and Ideas on Hair

School has been in session for a couple of weeks now and school pictures are coming up soon! Here are a few quick tips on how to dress and style your hair for this special day.


  1. Wear a solid color shirt other than white or green. Whites and prints do not photograph well, and green can make it difficult for our photo editors to perfect your image, but layering 2 different solid colors is okay.
  2. A small, simple necklace and/or earrings are just fine. Make sure to be careful not to go too large.
  3. Consider a light application of hairspray or gel, etc. to hold hair in place as best possible. Check out this video on Facebook for some tips!
  4. When making clothing and jewelry selections, as well as when fixing hair, make sure to lean more towards more classic, not super trendy 01-240x300styles.
  5. Help your child practice smiling and sitting up straight, no slouching!
  6. Let your children know that school pictures are not scary. We are there to take a great picture of them to share with everyone that loves them!


Happy Picture Day!!!

Smiles Back to School

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