About Me



Hey there! My name is Candice, more informally known as Candi. My husband and I have 3 wonderful children. Our oldest daughter, age 11, is the leader of our crew. She has profound love of art and writing and enjoys soccer, basketball, softball, dance, and piano.  She has proven to be quite responsible with our 7 rescue animals and is always pumped to whip up pancakes on a Saturday morning. Our 9 year old is our little diva. With quite a fashion sense, she sings and dances her way through life. While taking dance, gymnastics and piano, she also enjoys basketball and softball. She has a passion for animals and is extremely caring and empathetic- and quite sassy! Our little man was quite a shock to our family. After having two pretty laid back girls, he is in constant motion and didn’t think twice about tackling his big sisters by the time he could crawl! Now, at 7, he doesn’t hesitate to immerse himself in any sport he sees.  My husband works at Inter-State Studio and is my partner in chaos as we work together to keep up with life!  As for me, besides taking care of kiddo craziness and running our household, I love to play volleyball, coach basketball, and am a bit of a gym rat.  I am also involved with the Women’s Service League, manage hospitality at our church and  work in the marketing department at Inter-State Studio.


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