A Special Touch for a Baby Frame!

Recently my oldest friend (since kindergarten!) had a baby shower for her first baby!  I wanted to give her something cute for her little girl and add a special touch to show her how much she means to me. I love the sentiment and meaning that comes with sharing my time, thoughts, creativity, and love to create something special that fits my loved ones’ lifestyle, decor, and personality.  In this case, I found out the color scheme of her baby girl’s room and added a few special touches to make an already cute picture frame one of a kind.

This is the sweet frame I found at Hobby Lobby as a beginning place for this project!

Pink Baby Shower FrameOther supplies needed:

  • Pink Glitter Spray Paint
  • Chevron stencil
  • Green Ribbon
  • Paper Flower(similar ones can be found at craft stores or on Amazon.com)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun and Stick
  • Damp Paper  Towel


How to make it!
  1. To keep the spray paint off of the sides, wrap the edges carefully with painter’s tape.
  2. Put a very light coat of glue from a glue stick on the back of the stencil.  I used my finger to spread it on.
  3. Place stencil on top of the frame (making sure to have already removed the glass and stand) and press it down firmly to secure the stencil to the frame front.
  4. Spray lightly with the Pink Glitter Spray paint and let dry. Remove stencil.
  5. Use the damp paper towel and wipe off any glue residue.
  6. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon in place on the back of the frame.
  7. Hot glue the flower into place.

Pink and Green Baby Shower Frame




Happy Crafting!!

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Christmas in July- Cube Glass Ornament

Hey Ladies-

Cube Christmas OrnamentHere is a little more Christmas in July.  In addition to the square ornaments that I found from the previous post, I also ran across these cube ornaments.  With these you can adhere different pictures to all four sides and the bottom.  I chose to include pictures of my 3 kids on the one I made.  This would be a great on your own tree or a fun crafty gift for a grandparent, aunt or uncle!


Glass Cube Ornaments

You will need:

  • Glass Cubge Ornament
  • 1-5 Exchange size pictures
  • 1.5″ Scrap paper punch
  • Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Paint Pen
    Glass Cube Ornament
  1.  Take the top off and pour glitter in the ornament.Glass Cube Ornament
  2. Punch pictures out with scrap book punch and spray adhesive on the backs.Glass Square Ornament
  3. Stick the pictures to the cube.

Glass Cube Ornament

4.  On the back and bottom you can add another picture, but I decided to use a paint pen to write the year (these were my kids fall pictures from last year).  Also, I originally was going to use gold, but the black stood out much better.

Glass Cube Ornament

5.  Replace the metal top, embellish with a ribbon and you have a cute new photo ornament to share or enjoy yourself.


Happy crafting!

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Christmas in July- Square Glass Photo Ornaments

Hey Ladies!

It amazes me every year how early Christmas items start filling store shelves!  I was Square glass Christmas Ornamentrecently walking through Hobby Lobby and these little gems caught my eye!  When I have decorated ornaments in the past it has proven to be a little bit of a difficult task to use
pictures in ornaments because the round surfaces make it hard for the pictures to adhere to the outside. Square glass Christmas Ornament

 These particular ornaments are square with a flat front and back and rounded edges so pictures stick easier. Also, they just happened to be the perfect size to use the Photo Clings. Check out some of these super quick and easy ideas!

Square glass Christmas OrnamentOrnament 1:  For my son’s ornament I chose to use gold, black and white in honor of our favorite college team- the Missouri Tigers!  

What you need: Square glass ornament, Glitter Glue, a Photo Cling, a little water, Washi Tape, an old cup, and a spoon.

What to do:

  1.  In an old cup, mix 1 TBSP water with 2 TBSP Glue.
  2. Pour the glue mixture in the ornament and move it around to coat all of the inside.
  3. Set the ornament upside down in the old cup overnight so the glue can dry as the excess runs out.
  4. Place your Photo Cling on the front of the ornament.
  5. Embellish with Washi tape.

Square Glass OrnamentSquare Glass Ornament

Ornament 2: My younger daughter has been obsessed with the ocean since I took her to see my dad on the Mississippi gulf coast for the 1st time 6 years ago! So, I created an ocean themed ornament for her.

What you need: Square glass ornament,  a Photo Cling, sand, shells/ coral, and ribbon.

What to do:

  1.  Put sand, shells and coral in the ornament and replace lid.
  2. Place Photo Cling on front of ornament.
  3. Tie a Ribbon around the top of the ornament.

Square Photo Ornament
Square Photo OrnamentOrnament 3: For my oldest daughter,  I thought I would give her a more sophisticated and delicate looking ornament.

What you need: Square glass ornament,  a Photo Cling, White feathers (I pulled mine out of a dress up boa), white glittery Washi tape, Gold Ribbon and a Gold Paint Pen.

What to do:

  1.  Put feathers in the ornament and replace lid.
  2. Place Photo Cling on the front of the ornament.
  3. Free hand a simple design around the Photo Cling with the paint pen.
  4. Wrap Washi tape around the top of the ornament and tie the ribbon on top of the Washi Tape.

Square Photo Ornament

Happy crafting on a little early Christmas prep!


Another Take on the Coloring Book Page Frame

Hey Ladies-

I really loved the look of the coloring book page frame that I created with my younger daughter, so my older daughter and I created another take on the idea.  We decided to wrap a frame in the page she colored, similar to some other wrapped frames I have done!  I love including her own artwork, as well as all of the bright colors she used!

Coloring Book Frame

What you need:

  • Coloring Page
  • Markers
  • Frame (I used a 5×7)
  • Ruler
  • Scrapbook Page Cutter (If you need to trim edges)
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Something to cut on

Coloring Book Frame1.First color your fun page!  Then, since I printed my pages from online, I trimmed the blank margins off with my scrapbook page cutter.  It will still work if you skip this step since they will be hidden on the back side of the frame.  Then flip the page over and center the frame in the middle of the back.  Using your ruler and the straight line where the frame edges come together, place a dot 1″ from the edge of the corner.  Do this on all 4 corners.

Coloring Book Frame

2.  Use the straight edge of your ruler and an X-acto to cut a line from dot to dot- cutting out a square from the center of the coloring page.

Coloring Book Frame

3.This is what your colored page should look like at this point.  Coloring Book Frame

4.  Set the page aside and spray adhesive to the front of the frame.  Make sure to have something under it.  I used this mat- you may want to avoid any paper products as they will stick to the frame.  Once this is done center the frame face down on the back of the coloring page.  Flip it over and rub the front of the coloring page to make sure it is adhered to the frame and there are no bubbles.Coloring Book Frame

5.  Flip the frame back over and cut from corner of the frame to the dot you made in step 1. Do this on all 4 corners.Coloring Book Frame

6. Spray adhesive on the inner portion of the frame and fold the flaps you made onto the inside, set in portion of the frame back where the glass will sit.  Make sure to firmly press the paper into the corners so that it is securely adhered and glass will fit back in place.Coloring Book Frame

7. Using your ruler again for a straight edge, cut from the corner of the frame to the corner of the coloring page.  Do this for all 4 corners.Coloring Book Frame

8. Spray adhesive on the back of the frame and fold the flaps around the edges, making sure they adhere to the back.  Coloring Book Frame

9. Tip: To make it a little easier to fold and not so bulky on the corners, I snipped the end off of the flap on the 5″ sides of the frame and left the triangular ends on the 7″ sides to cover the corner edges.



Coloring Book Frame

10. After all sides are wrapped and adhesive is dry, use your foam brush to cover the frame in a thin layer of Mod Podge to protect it.  When the Mod Podge is dry you can reassemble the frame insert a fun picture.  I love being able to display my sweetie’s picture in her own artwork!!

Happy Crafting!

Summer Smiles

Trendy Wooden Coloring Page Frame

Hey Ladies-

I have been working with my kids on ideas for Father’s Day and we decided to focus on a frame idea.  This project is one my middle daughter and I came up with using the trendy adult style coloring page.  Coloring the detailed page gave her something to do on one of our lazy afternoons and the rest was simple to put together.

edited IMG_0341

What you need:

  • 9″x12″ wood plaque (I got this inexpensive piece at Wal-Mart
  • Colored coloring page
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint
  • Paint sponges (for ModPodge)
  • ModPodge
  • Clip
  • Short Screw
  • Screwdriver
  • Picture hanger with nails
  • Hammer

edited IMG_03441.  Paint your board and let dry.  I didn’t paint the back.


2.  Use the sponge brush to spread a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire front and sides of the painted plaque.  Very carefully place the coloring page on the front of the plaque, centering it.  Start at one end and smooth it down to the other end. Once you have it all down with no bubbles, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge over the coloring page to seal it.  If the Mod Podge is too thick it will cause the paper to bubble, so make sure to work in thin layers. Let plaque dry.Edited IMG_0348

3.  Center the picture hanger on the top of the back of the wood plaque.  Hammer the nails in to hold it in place.edited IMG_0350

4.  In the center of the width of the plaque, about an inch fromt the top, screw the clip in place.

edited IMG_0365

This is what her final product will looks like!! Too fun not to show the whole thing prior to adding a picture!

edited IMG_0342-001

My daughter layered a piece of scrapbook paper with her school picture to show off her latest project.

Enjoy!  And Happy Father’s Day!!!


Summer Smiles

Sweet Little Photo Flower

Hey Ladies-

I found some cute mini wooden flower pots at the craft store and thought it would be fun to do something with them.  So, I looked around and used some scraps and tools I had laying around and created a cute little flower featuring one of my sweeties!  I decided to keep it on my desk, but it would be a great little gift for her best friend or a grandparent!


What you need:

  • Exchange size picture
  • Mini wooden flower pot
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Straw
  • Green clay
  • Acrylic paint (I chose gold)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Medium flower punch
  • Extra large flower punch
  • Paper towel


1. Paint the wooden pot and set aside to dry.


2.Punch 2 extra large flowers out of the scrapbook paper.  I chose two different colors.  Then punch 1 medium flower around the child’s face in the Exchange Photo.


3.Glue flowers together as shown.


4. Wrap a ball of clay around the bottom of the straw that should be snipped to be 3″ long.


5.  Push the clay and straw into the painted pot after it drys.

IMG_5668 (2)

6.  Glue the assembled flower to the top of the straw and feel free to embellish with ribbon or jewels.   Have fun and enjoy this quick and sweet little craft!


Happy crafting!


Summer Smiles

Protect Those Lost Teeth in a Personalized Lost Tooth Box

Hey Ladies!

I found some cute little boxes for next to nothing at a craft store in our town.  When I saw them the first thing I thought was that I had never created a lost tooth box for my son. He has lost a couple of teeth and we nearly lost track of them before the tooth fairy had a chance to pick them up.  Last weekend we had a minor tragedy in our family as my son face planted on a metal bar while playing at the playground where we were camping. I’ll spare you the pictures of his injuries, but he lost his remaining front tooth and loosened two more.  This was a special tooth because not only was  it a little mutilated from the fall, but it was already damaged from slipping in the bathtub a couple of years ago.  I didn’t want to let this tooth with its morbidly exciting story get away from us so I whipped up the a quick Lost Tooth Box for him to keep it safe!Aric Toothbox

What you need:

  • Exchange Size Photo
  • Round Mini Boxes
  • Paint
  • Tacky Glue
  • Foam Sheet (I used Gold Glitter style)
  • Foam Stickers (I used Blue and Gold Glitter Stars)
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Glass of Water
  • Pencil
  • Newspaper

IMG_54391.Paint the bottom and top of box with acrylic paint, making sure to also paint the inside.  I painted the bottom red and the top blue.Aric Lost Tooth Box

2.  While the box dries, use the pencil to trace the shape of the bottom of the container on the foam sheet and school picture.  Because your pencil line will be a little bit larger than the inside of the box, cut just on the inside of the circles you drew.
Lost Tooth Box

3. Glue the Foam sheet to the bottom of the box and the picture to the top of the lid. Lost Tooth Box

4.Embellish the bottom edge of the box with the stickers.

Lost Tooth Box

Now we can keep track of those little chompers!  Hopefully, he will stick with more traditional ways of losing them in the future.

For an another idea to hang on to lost teeth check out this link: https://pictureperfectmom.com/2014/08/29/easy-tooth-fairy-boxes-with-school-photo/.  Enjoy these fun ideas to build on this crazy childhood milestone!!

Have an amazing day!

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