Hello! My name is Angie. I am 34 years old and a very proud mom of two amazing kids, Madison & Logan.

Madison, 12, has just entered junior high. That pretty much says it all. She’s extremely intelligent, insanely creative, and quite possibly one of the funniest people I have ever met.
Logan, 8, is 100% boy. Football, Baseball, and Soccer are now our Winter, Spring, and Fall-which is fine by me! Logan loves to play, lives to learn, and thrives on driving his sister crazy.
As for me, well, I am still defining myself. I graduated high school in 1996, got married in 1999, had my daughter and graduated college in 2000, began teaching in 2002, had my son in 2004, and earned my Master ’s degree in 2005, all the while, working diligently to grow our family business. Although my ex-husband and I were great business partners, we realized over a year ago, that it was best we go our separate ways.
Since August of 2011, I have divorced, have started an amazing new career, and am living on my own for the first time in my life-or, at least, trying to.
I have always told myself that everything happens for a reason, and over the last several months, I am doing my best to live by those words.
My kids are wonderful, polite, respectful young people despite travelling between my house and their dad’s every other week, and I am so fortunate to have my parents and grandma only a few miles away.

I am blessed to have the most supportive, patient, and hilarious friends that a girl could ever ask for,
And a wonderful man with three beautiful kids that have become a very special part of my life.
Yet, I am still trying define myself. Am I happy? Most of the time, I am extremely happy. Yet, unsettled, is probably the best way to describe those moments when I am not so sure.

Unsettled; Happily unsettled. And, that’s ok for now.

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