Hi! My name is Shelly. I, like almost everyone is constantly wishing I had more time in my day. I remember back to those days in my life when I was single and living on my own – I wish I would have made better use of that time. Today, my family and the desire to be my idea of the “Picture Perfect Mom” keeps me looking for more time.
My husband, Anthony and I have been married six years. We enjoy our time with friends, family, and the opportunity to participate in sports – volleyball, slow pitch softball and coaching various youth sports. Our children Addison, age 4, and Ethan, age 2, are our top priorities. Addison attends Pre-School and loves to dance, sing and now thanks to the Olympics want s to be a gymnast. Ethan, despite his Dad’s initial concerns, is all boy. He loves trucks, tractors, playing ball and at times wearing his sister’s shoes. Both of our kids are very much a mommies-girl and boy, which is probably attributed to the fact that I do work full-time both inside and outside the home.
Now, two years after adding Ethan to our family, I think I have finally adjusted into my life as a full-time working mom. I’ve realized there are so many hobbies and interests that I want to master: cooking, gardening & canning, sewing and volunteering at Addison’s school to name a few. Every day I scheme to find another way to get more hours out of the day – so far, I haven’t been successful! I know the quote “Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens and happy kids.” But a house with dirty floors drove me crazy – so I broke down and hired my cousin, a college student, to clean my floors once a week. Thanks to her and a husband who does not like a messy house, I can focus less on cleaning my house and more on my family and attempting to master my newly acquired hobbies and interests. Looking back, I should have taken advantage of these learning opportunities when I didn’t have all the other demands of being a working mom. Now, I am determined to figure it out, get started and create more memories with my family!

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