My name is Delfina, a Mexican-American girl, mommy of 3 handsome boys (really they are ;))! I was born and raised (partially) in Southern California. I’m proud to say that my early childhood years were spent in Michoacan, Mexico. After all three of my children were born, I decided to move to Sedalia, Missouri. Why Missouri, you might ask? Well, I came to visit some family members that lived here and I instantly fell in love with the country living, small town atmosphere and not to mention the cost of living!  As soon as I moved to Missouri, I decided to pursue my dream of going to college. In 2009, I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a B.S.B.A emphasizing in Marketing as a single mom (Kudos to all the single mommies!!!). Soon after that, I got a job as a Marketing Specialist; it was just right!  Not only did I find a job doing what I loved, but also the fact that it was only 7 miles from home and a block away from my youngest child’s school!

While attending college, I decided to become a Zumba instructor to share with others my passion for dancing with a combination of working out. The best part of all was that I got to express my true love for Latin beats! After teaching at a local gym for two years, I found myself in love with health and fitness. Inspiring other women to be beautifully healthy made me extremely happy! I also added another way to inspire women, by creating a fun mommy friendly Spanglish fashion blog being that I’ve always considered myself a fashionista.

Since we moved to Sedalia, Missouri, it has been a tradition for my children to spend the whole summer (yes, starting on the first day of summer vacation to literally two days before school starts) in California with my parents. They have created wonderful lasting memories, summer after summer, which I plan to continue this amazing tradition as long as I can. Last Summer I decided to take advantage of not having the craziness of all five children at home. So, I gathered a couple of my fitness instructor friends to join me in a community movement ~ to help mommies like ourselves get healthy and fit by providing them with bilingual fitness classes, nutritional guidance and most importantly a support system! A year later, the response in our community has been incredible!

Every day, I feel truly blessed for being able to have a career in marketing, fitness, health, and fashion and even more blessed that I get to do all of this by juggling my family craziness. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I’m able to achieve all of this looking fashionably flawless. 😉

My goal with collaborating in Picture Perfect Mom is to inspire mommies like myself to take care of “you,” when we accomplish that as mommies, we are able to provide more love to our children and everyone around us! I will also strive to help you keep up with the latest fashion, health and fitness trends while still being able to be the “Super Mommy!”

Ladies, you get all of this with a hint of Latina Spice 😉

!Hasta Luego!

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