Sports Fun Birthday Ideas

Birthdays are a big deal in our house! I love celebrating people that I love for all they are! I love making them feel special and loved, and I love any excuse to do crafts, decorate and host a party! From finding just the right gift, to making a cake and decorations, to seeing the happy smiles on people’s faces, I love birthdays! It’s not hard for kids to like their birthdays, but I’d be lying if I said I am not thrilled that my sweeties love the process of planning their own birthdays as well as surprising others as much as I do!

I love that they think of each other and what they can make or give to each other.  Not just the gift, but the selfless thought that they put into bringing joy to others and their pure happiness from putting a smile on someone else’s face (not to mention the smile they put on my face as we enjoy spoiling each other together).

This year my 12 year old athlete realized she had never had any kind of a sport birthday!  She decided that she wanted to celebrate all of her favorites at once: volleyball, soccer, softball, and basketball with a little football and baseball added in! She designed her cake and spent hours upon hours on Pinterest and in my craft room working on ideas and making decorations. Here is what she pulled together!


Sports Birthday

The cake was designed to be a quarter of each of her favorite sports and has a frosting grass boarder around the bottom.

Mini bags of chips were displayed on a fun tray.






We created a popcorn bar with candy corn, M&M’s, and flavored seasonings.  Paper cones were created with 8×10 sheets of paper to hold each person’s popcorn creation.  An upside down wire basket is a unique way to display the cones. Similar ones can usually be found on the cheap at dollar stores.




For beverages, we served sports drinks in a bucket of ice.



We served the cake shown above to all of our extended family on Sunday, but served these super easy and fun cupcakes to her friends Friday night.  We iced the cupcakes with a grass tip and topped  with edible sport decor.



This is how my daughter decorated her snack table!  She made the confetti by using a round paper punch.  She printed the soccer balls and volleyballs from a simple image she found and then paper punched the images out.  The basketballs and softballs were free hand.


We always open presents by the fireplace, so she had to make sure it was decked out!  The sport balls on the sides of the fireplace and  chains on the mantle are all freehand, with the chains being decorated like basketballs, softballs, and volleyballs. There are free printables for football, base/softball, and basketball chains at this link.


Locker room signs were made to go on every bathroom door!


She created her own birthday banner!

She created about 10 of these signs with sport balls and famous sport quotes.

Party Fun

hayleigh-bday-photo-booth-picsIn addition to hiding in my daughter’s room, like tweenie boppers do, the kids played volleyball, chattered and were full of shenanigans. Everyone’s favorite activity though was the selfie station!  We have hundreds of pictures of my daughter, her besties and our family acting like complete goofballs together!!  It served as entertainment and documented the whole birthday!  Some of these pictures may come in handy at future fun events!!

Sport Birthday Scrapbook pageTo keep as a reminder of each of my kids birthdays we create a scrapbook page that all of the guests sign. It helps us remember who celebrated with us and it has been fun to watch the kid’s handwriting change throughout the years!


Happy Planning!

Smiles Halloween





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Sports in our House

I often reflect on the busyness of my family’s schedule…this is the life we have chosen. Do I like being at home? Absolutely! And we do Sports Momthis, but I am an extremely social being, as are my kids; especially the younger two. My husband and I feel very strongly about teaching our children to have a healthy lifestyle: eat healthy, exercise, sleep, etc. We are both have a passion for watching and playing sports.  I love volleyball, basketball, and getting a good workout in the gym. He loves volleyball and baseball. We enjoy the feeling of stress being released as we strengthen our bodies and build relationships with teammates and friends. These are lessons I want my kids to learn. I want them to learn to take care of themselves; to work hard, to work as a team, to be dedicated, and find a passion that gives them confidence and joy.

My babies all do different activities based on their own unique personalities. So this mama does a lot of running. To us, it is worth it. We coach whatever we can and spend time practicing with them when we are at home. I have even tried to do some of the fancy dance twirls with my younger daughter. She gets a good laugh since I was clearly always a little bit more of a jock. Are there days I think we need to pare back on our constant schedule?Without a doubt. I am mindful and we step back as needed, but are certainly not perfect. Is this for every family?


But, I am beyond thankful for the opportunities for our kids to find something that drives them and this is just our thing. As long as they love it, I will love it with them because this time of having them with me every day will be gone before I know it. They will be leaving our house in the blink of an eye and I pray that they will have many fond memories, learned life lessons, and passions that drive them along the way.


Muddy Memories

0001519G_000001_0313Hey Ladies-

You know how it is on picture day- for school or sports-, you have gotten your kids all dressed up in a carefully chosen outfit, or made sure their uniform is on just right as you plan for the amazing flawless picture that is going to be taken.  Yeah right!  These may be plans only to be followed through in an unrealistic alternate reality.  The truth is, pictures will inevitably be taken right after gym, so that hair and clothes are all askew; right after lunch; so that a bright glob of ketchup has landed right on the top of their shirt; or they may decide they just didn’t want to be there and refuse to crack anything close to a smile.  Let me say that at the time, it is a bit frustrating; however, these are the pictures we remember the most.  The ones that didn’t go as perfectly planned, but have a little something extra to remind you about whatever surprises that day had in store.  We had such a day for my son’s baseball pictures this year.

We had a particularly rainy spring and everything was quite muddy.  My son’s favorite thing to do at the ball park during his sister’s games is to play in the creek- which was muddy all around.  His sister happened to have a game right before his pictures, so he had to spend the game behaving in his picture ready ball uniform. I was busy watching the game, and missed him sneaking off to throw rocks in the creek.  A few minutes later he returned with mud covering the upper portion of of his legs, his stomach, arms and hands. I distinctly remembered telling him to avoid the mud, which he claimed to have done- leaving the mud coverage a complete mystery!  I think I hid my frustration pretty well, just calmly telling him he would be muddy for his pictures (which would frustrate my preppy little man), while boiling inside.  He wanted me to go home and get different pants and try to wipe of the mud smearing… not happening!  So, he was posed in such a way that the mud wasn’t quite as noticeable, but he took his picture covered in mud. It wasn’t the end of the world, and the picture wasn’t ruined.  No, it is now that picture we can look back on and say “Wow, it rained a ton that season!  Do you remember getting covered in mud right before pictures? That was kind of funny, but it sure was great getting to spend so much time with you coaching your team that year.”  My lesson- sometimes blessings come from things most unexpected, such as a muddy baseball picture.

Summer Smiles