Ba- Humbug!

bah-humbugThe last few months for our family have been quite crazy. Between sicknesses and surgeries (both of which brought this Mama down), I can’t seem to get caught up with anything. Not cool when this Type A, busybody has taken on quite a few extra commitments while spearheading a house full of furry and non-furry kids. I seem to be
running in circles putting out the proverbial fires and not making the time to plan- and if I do circumstances keep changing.

Have you ever had that feeling of everything being out of control and not knowing where to start, so you just …don’t.  Maybe if you sit on the couch and stare at the wall it will all just go away…

Add the holiday season on top of all that and you might find yourself sympathizing with Mr. Scrooge. There are gifts to be bought and wrapped, decorations to go up, food that needs to be made, cards to be sent, cookies and candy to prepare, travel and holiday plans to be made while watching the budget, your waistline, and keeping a great big fa-la-la-la-la smile on your face because the holidays are a happy time. It can be a lot to handle on top of the bills, laundry, grocery shopping, work, basketball, piano, school (plus extra programs), gymnastics, dance, etc. still have to happen…and remember to keep being happy!!

Can you breathe right now?  I think I need to go hyperventilate in a paper bag! Earlier this week I sat down with my crew for a little family meeting. I told them that, regarding Christmas decorations, the tree was up with minimal adornments and they might get plastic bags for stockings…and that’s all. While I have been running in circles, they have been leaving food, trash, clothes, toys and papers everywhere. Their laundry comes to me all balled up, sometimes wet from whatever water in which they decided to play, and is typically quite disgusting. I found 2 half full cups of milk that were a single chunk of coagulation- one of which was growing fruit flies. Dishes were in every room, and since I had not been able to get to the basement after my ankle surgery, they trashed it- including my things! Mom finally met her limit!

As we discussed why I didn’t even care if Christmas happened this year. We actually all connected. I went through my flaming list and they listened (possibly because their dad was staring them down). I told them that my favorite part of the day is picking them up from school because I have missed them all day. I look forward to their hugs, kisses, stories and songs. I loved having them home over Thanksgiving, and am so excited to have them home over Christmas…but, they have to do their part. When I explained my frustrations in a loving way (and believe me it was a firm loving way), they got my point. It wasn’t nagging, but saying it like it was, “I want to enjoy you, and I am not doing anything else that will create more work for me if you don’t do your part because you guys have been disgusting.”

While they have, for the last few days at least, been “doing their part” my perspective has shifted. My stance on their household participation has not changed, but how I choose to view it has. There very likely will not be anymore decorations put up, a few of my non-urgent commitments my have to wait a little bit, there may not be as many cookies and candies, the house may not meet my standards all of the time and the Christmas cards… well, we’ll just see.

But it will all be ok.  

The Earth will not quit spinning or open up and swallow me if I don’t get the Oreo balls made.  And if more decorations don’t get hung it is less I have to put away. Ultimately, stepping back from the life/holiday chaos and seeing if for what it is helped me gain perspective and will allow me to remember what is important. My  faith, my family, and my friends. My babies will be grown soon, and I would be broken to know I got too lost in the busy of this world and missed those precious moments with them and my husband. I am thankful for this lesson. Not just for me, but hopefully it will be passed on  to my sweeties so that they will be able to keep priorities in place and FEEL the love of their family, of their friends, of life, and of the true meaning of Christmas.  love-1415561__340

Smiles- Merry Christmas


Christmas in July- Cube Glass Ornament

Hey Ladies-

Cube Christmas OrnamentHere is a little more Christmas in July.  In addition to the square ornaments that I found from the previous post, I also ran across these cube ornaments.  With these you can adhere different pictures to all four sides and the bottom.  I chose to include pictures of my 3 kids on the one I made.  This would be a great on your own tree or a fun crafty gift for a grandparent, aunt or uncle!


Glass Cube Ornaments

You will need:

  • Glass Cubge Ornament
  • 1-5 Exchange size pictures
  • 1.5″ Scrap paper punch
  • Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Paint Pen
    Glass Cube Ornament
  1.  Take the top off and pour glitter in the ornament.Glass Cube Ornament
  2. Punch pictures out with scrap book punch and spray adhesive on the backs.Glass Square Ornament
  3. Stick the pictures to the cube.

Glass Cube Ornament

4.  On the back and bottom you can add another picture, but I decided to use a paint pen to write the year (these were my kids fall pictures from last year).  Also, I originally was going to use gold, but the black stood out much better.

Glass Cube Ornament

5.  Replace the metal top, embellish with a ribbon and you have a cute new photo ornament to share or enjoy yourself.


Happy crafting!

Smiles- Merry Christmas

Christmas in July- Square Glass Photo Ornaments

Hey Ladies!

It amazes me every year how early Christmas items start filling store shelves!  I was Square glass Christmas Ornamentrecently walking through Hobby Lobby and these little gems caught my eye!  When I have decorated ornaments in the past it has proven to be a little bit of a difficult task to use
pictures in ornaments because the round surfaces make it hard for the pictures to adhere to the outside. Square glass Christmas Ornament

 These particular ornaments are square with a flat front and back and rounded edges so pictures stick easier. Also, they just happened to be the perfect size to use the Photo Clings. Check out some of these super quick and easy ideas!

Square glass Christmas OrnamentOrnament 1:  For my son’s ornament I chose to use gold, black and white in honor of our favorite college team- the Missouri Tigers!  

What you need: Square glass ornament, Glitter Glue, a Photo Cling, a little water, Washi Tape, an old cup, and a spoon.

What to do:

  1.  In an old cup, mix 1 TBSP water with 2 TBSP Glue.
  2. Pour the glue mixture in the ornament and move it around to coat all of the inside.
  3. Set the ornament upside down in the old cup overnight so the glue can dry as the excess runs out.
  4. Place your Photo Cling on the front of the ornament.
  5. Embellish with Washi tape.

Square Glass OrnamentSquare Glass Ornament

Ornament 2: My younger daughter has been obsessed with the ocean since I took her to see my dad on the Mississippi gulf coast for the 1st time 6 years ago! So, I created an ocean themed ornament for her.

What you need: Square glass ornament,  a Photo Cling, sand, shells/ coral, and ribbon.

What to do:

  1.  Put sand, shells and coral in the ornament and replace lid.
  2. Place Photo Cling on front of ornament.
  3. Tie a Ribbon around the top of the ornament.

Square Photo Ornament
Square Photo OrnamentOrnament 3: For my oldest daughter,  I thought I would give her a more sophisticated and delicate looking ornament.

What you need: Square glass ornament,  a Photo Cling, White feathers (I pulled mine out of a dress up boa), white glittery Washi tape, Gold Ribbon and a Gold Paint Pen.

What to do:

  1.  Put feathers in the ornament and replace lid.
  2. Place Photo Cling on the front of the ornament.
  3. Free hand a simple design around the Photo Cling with the paint pen.
  4. Wrap Washi tape around the top of the ornament and tie the ribbon on top of the Washi Tape.

Square Photo Ornament

Happy crafting on a little early Christmas prep!


Sweet Little Photo Flower

Hey Ladies-

I found some cute mini wooden flower pots at the craft store and thought it would be fun to do something with them.  So, I looked around and used some scraps and tools I had laying around and created a cute little flower featuring one of my sweeties!  I decided to keep it on my desk, but it would be a great little gift for her best friend or a grandparent!


What you need:

  • Exchange size picture
  • Mini wooden flower pot
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Straw
  • Green clay
  • Acrylic paint (I chose gold)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Medium flower punch
  • Extra large flower punch
  • Paper towel


1. Paint the wooden pot and set aside to dry.


2.Punch 2 extra large flowers out of the scrapbook paper.  I chose two different colors.  Then punch 1 medium flower around the child’s face in the Exchange Photo.


3.Glue flowers together as shown.


4. Wrap a ball of clay around the bottom of the straw that should be snipped to be 3″ long.


5.  Push the clay and straw into the painted pot after it drys.

IMG_5668 (2)

6.  Glue the assembled flower to the top of the straw and feel free to embellish with ribbon or jewels.   Have fun and enjoy this quick and sweet little craft!


Happy crafting!


Summer Smiles

Lighted Photo Cling Vase

Hey Ladies-

Using the Photo Clings again, I was able to create this cute little tea light holder that incorporated well into my table centerpiece.  It goes great with my Christmas Decor and will work great  for New Year’s too!

What you need:

  • Photo clings
  • Small Square Vase
  • Glass Rocks or Colored Sand
  • Ribbon
  • Tea Light


1. Stick your photo clings to your vase.  No worries!  Just peel and stick. They are repositionable you can move them around to get the look you want.


2.  Put glass rocks or colored sand in the vase.  I started with green rocks and then ended up using clear ones when I put my centerpiece together.IMG_4559 3.  Tie a shimmery ribbon around the vase.IMG_4561

4.  Situate your tea light in the top layer of rocks or sand.  This quick and easy little photo craft is fun by itself, but works great in a display!

Happy crafting!!



Photo Clings and Glass Block Decor

Hey Ladies-  I have been playing around with fun ways to use our new Clings- wallet size photos with a repositionable adhesive on the back.  I will have to say I am loving them!  here is an amazingly easy and attractive craft for which the clings are just perfect!

What you need:

  • Photo Clings
  • Fillable Glass Block (These are in craft stores, but also in some big box hardware stores as a seasonable item.)
  • Spool of Wide Ribbon
  • Small glitter colored foam balls or small ornaments
  • Scissors


  1.  Make sure your glass block is clean and position you clings on the front of it.IMG_4564
  2. Fill the glass block with the ornaments or glittered balls and put the cap that comes with the block in place.IMG_4604
  3. Tie your ribbon around the block.  To get this look, I tied two consecutive bows which gave me 4 loops.

Happy crafting!